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Canada: Quebec Immigration

Are you looking for options to stay in Canada? Then Quebec is an ideal choice for anyone who is planning to immigrate to the country. Thanks to their flexible immigration policies, Quebec is more accessible than their counterparts.

Unlike other provinces, Quebec does not take part in federal government’s Provincial nominal programs and has its own set of rules and criteria for all those economic immigrants who wish to reside in the province.

Mainly three kinds of Immigration programs come under Quebec Immigration.

  • The Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW) program
  • The Quebec Experience Class program
  • The Quebec Business/Entrepreneur Program

Successful completion of all these immigration programs helps you to attain the same and most wanted – Canadian Permanent residence. Since a Canadian Permanent Resident Canada is protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the federal government still has to determine if you are medically or criminally inadmissible to Canada

Undoubtedly, Quebec can be considered as a better option for economic immigrants as the place has a lot to offer. Quebec has always made sure that when a new family migrated to their particular province, they are entitled with all kind of resources and support they need to meet. For instance, the immigrants in the province can avail services like free language training and career counselling.

What Makes Quebec Different

Being one of the largest provinces of Canada, Quebec offers a lieu of positive advantages for its new residents. The province always ensures that the immigrants are moving to Quebec, has enough tools and resources they need to thrive. The distinctive feature of life in Quebec is that the resident’s health and welfare needs can be taken care of free of charge. Besides, they also provide free language training, career counselling, for the new immigrants to make their transition smooth. The province is also home to one of the most affordable and comprehensive educational systems by offering a number of substantial student aid programs and free access to public schools.

Even though the advantages surmounts the negatives, some of the threats posed by the province are the shortage of skilled workers and a decreasing number of population. However, to overcome such hitches like scarcity of skilled labours, Quebec has successfully implemented potential new candidates into all strata’s of society.

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