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The Quebec Business/Entrepreneur Program

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Quebec offers three immigration programs for business people.

Entrepreneur Program

Aims at business p who wants to develop or purchase a business in Quebec. Successful applicants should live in Quebec while earning a live form their business. There are two streams under this category. The applicant should fulfill the requirements laid down by the program. To know more about this option, talk to our immigration lawyer.

Quebec investor program:

To be eligible for investor class immigration to Quebec you have to meet with the financial requirements, experienced in managing a business and to sign an agreement to invest C$1,200,000 with a financial intermediary with an intention to live in Quebec. To know more about this option, talk to our immigration lawyer

Self-Employed Worker Program:

Aims at those who intend to create own job by practicing a profession or business activities. To be eligible, the applicant must make required amount as a start-up deposit deposits and must have minimum net assets of C$100,000 in addition to two years’ experience as a self-employed worker in the profession or trade you intend to practice in Québec. To know more about this option, talk to our immigration lawyer.

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