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Express Entry

If you dream about moving to Canada, the Express Entry immigration selection system is the most suitable visa option available for you.

As the name implies, the visa program allows a candidate and his or her family members to immigrate to Canada within a short time span of a few months with Canadian Permanent Residence (PR). As a Canadian PR Cardholder, one can live and work anywhere in Canada. This is a pathway to Canadian Citizenship too.

It was first introduced in 2015 and soon it became instrumental in promoting economic immigration to the country.

What is Express Entry Canada?

Canada introduced the Express Entry System to accept more applicants from foreign nationals seeking Permanent Residence(PR) and to make the whole immigration process smooth and fast.

How the whole process of Express Entry works:

  • The proposed applicants will need to qualify under one of the following federal economic immigration programs.
  • A certain share of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) is mainly governed by Express Entry. However, the candidates must be eligible under one of the above three federal programs to enter the Express Entry pool.
  • Qualified candidates should submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), which will be later assessed and issued a ranking score.
  • Point based system or Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is used as the ranking score for Express Entry. And hence candidates score out of 1200 is used as a key parameter for the purpose of Immigration to Canada.
  • However, there is an option provided for the applicants to improve their rank and in turn, increase the possibility of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA). In a nutshell, higher the CRS score, higher are the chances of immigration.
  • Mainly, the point-based immigration system is used to assess the candidates who are eligible for FSWC, CEC, or FSTC and it is also used as a cut-off in Express entry draws. It demonstrates the candidate’s efficiency to establish and economically stable in Canada.
  • The ranking will be done purely based on Candidate’s academic history, proficiency in a language, their career prospects, provincial nomination in Canada and many other factors.
  • For instance, the Provincial nominees are eligible for 600 bonus points, whereas the applicants with a valid full-time job offer from an employer in Canada will earn either 50 or 200 bonus points in the Comprehensive ranking system.
  • If the Candidates who neither have a job offer nor a provincial nomination can register in the Canada Job Bank.
  • It is a free public resource platform, which helps the Canadian employers to identify and choose the workers who possessed particular skills. This was once mandatory, but from June 2017, this step became voluntary.
  • The candidate should create an Express Entry profile, which should contain all the personal information and once it is confirmed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), then the profile is placed in a slot of candidates which are ranked according to the Comprehensive Ranking System.
  • Later IRCC conducts regular draws from the pool and applicants with a higher score will get an invitation to apply for the permanent residency.
  • Then the applicant should submit a complete- error-free application alongside supporting documents, which will be assessed by the Canadian Immigration Visa Office.
  • Candidates who are not qualified during the selection process can improve the CRS points by updating and submitting new information.
  • For instance, by adding employment experience, obtaining a job offer or a provincial nomination or at least increasing the language proficiency score can help you improve the score in the point-based immigration system.

If you want to apply for a permanent resident status via the Express Entry system, ImmiLaw Global can ensure you all the support and guidance for the process. The team at ImmiLaw Global will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your profile, and will do all the paperwork on your behalf and inform you all the updates and keep you on track of the whole process. We are more than happy to help you in the smooth transition to Canada.

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Express Entry

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