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Study in Canada

Selecting, a university/college and a course are the daunting parts of overseas education. But worry not, following your needs and preferences, our educational counselors or Canada study abroad consultants in Kerala  help you to find the right program in the right school in Canada. We can help you throughout the application process to get you set up at the school of your choice. Our service doesn’t end there; once you graduate from the school with flying colours, we are happy to assist your transition to permanent residence in Canada.

Why should you study in Canada?

Out of many famous Study Abroad destinations, Canada tops the list, undoubtedly preferred by prospective International students. Be it their world-class education, highly renowned degrees/ diplomas, affordable tuition fees, employment opportunities, or scholarships; there are many pretty apparent reasons why it becomes the ideal choice of study abroad aspirants. Also, it’s a great country to spend a lifetime as it offers a safe, economically stable environment and better settlement solution for the residents.

If you are a professional who wishes to migrate to Canada through the permanent residence, Express entry programs are for you. As per the stats, the number of International students studying at the Canadian institutions has escalated to nearly 11% in 2017. Not Just the education system the job prospects are also very high. Have a look through these facts why Canada remains the superior choice among overseas aspirants.

  • Certainly an immigration friendly country
  • Education standard par excellence
  • Immense scholarship opportunities
  • Best education at minimal fees
  • Work part-time while you study
  • An economically stable country with a workforce shortage
  • Higher Employment opportunities with high salaries
  • Nomination for Immigration to Canada under Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Postgraduate work permit on successful competition of studies
  • Extension of work permit while your permanent resident application is in process

Level of Education:
Choosing the right program in a reputed university is one among the first and foremost task while opting for study abroad program in Canada. However, there are some other important factors to consider and filter while selecting the course. By narrowing down the interests to a specific program at one of Canada’s many designated learning institutions, our professional team of overseas education consultants can help you with a list of possible fields of study. All that you need to do is to pick a course from our customized filtered list most suitable for you.

Universities and Colleges

As per the recent list, the country has a whopping number of 96 prestigious universities. To be more specific, the education system in Canada encompasses both public and private schools which include primary and secondary schools, post-secondary institutions like universities, colleges, and vocational schools, private career colleges. The education system in Canada is distinguished by the number of years of study to achieve a specific qualification. Listed below are the type of programs available in Canadian universities.

  • Certificate level programs – less than one year or one to two full-time semesters
  • College or university diploma- two years maximum (four to six full-time semesters)
  • Associate degree (generally two years, four full-time semesters)
  • Bachelor’s degree programs (four / five years or eight full-time semesters)
  • Post Graduate Diploma / Certificate programs, for one or two years
  • Master’s degree programs
  • Doctorate or PhD programs (generally require four to six years)

ImmiLaw Global offers an all-inclusive package

Right from the start, from choosing the right educational institution until you get permanent residence in Canada, ImmiLaw Global, the expert Canada study abroad consultants in Kerala will be there with you in each phase providing assistance and support. Being an international organization that has been in the practice of immigration and study abroad consultancy for years, ImmiLaw Global thoroughly knows what is best for you!

Benefits of studying in Canada:

The strongest reason for considering educating in Canada is the opportunity to work part-time with academics. International students are authorized to work 20 hours per week while school is in session and 40 hours per week during vacation time. The country also offers post-graduate work permit up to three years depending on the duration of the study period.

Work Permit

Work Permit: Full- time students who hold a valid study permit and social insurance number (SIN), is eligible to work while they study. Students can work full time (40 hours) during vacation time like winter and summer holidays and can work up to 20 hours during regular college sessions.

Work Permit as Intern

Interestingly, some programs include work experience or internship as part of the curriculum; however, the student needs a co-op or intern work permit. The concerned government department will offer it if he/ she has a letter from the school that confirms all students in the program need to perform work placement to get their degree.

Spousal Work Permit

The spouse of an international student is entitled to a have an open work permit, which does not require a job offer or Labour Market Impact Assessment from Canada. By securing an open work permit, the spouse of an international student can live and work full time in Canada.

How do I settle in Canada permanently after my studies?

Stay back and permanent residence: Right after the successful completion of the academic course, it is crucial to secure a job during the stay back tenure as it is the first step in the eligibility criteria for applying for permanent residence under Canadian Experience Class. International students enrolled only in a Designated Learning Institution is eligible for PGWP (Post-Graduation Work Permit Program), which allows the applicant to legally work in Canada.

Student Life

Canada is widely recognized as one of the safest places in the world to live in. Being a student in the country help will experience a new and diversified culture in a friendly ambiance. However, as an international student, you should have a proper planning and financial support before you reach there.

Part-time jobs (Work on campus and work off campus) will help the students to meet their financial needs during their study. Besides, if you are an adrenaline junkie, Canada is an ideal option as the country offers lots of destinations to explore and have some adventurous pursuits.

Also, when it comes to accommodation, most of the universities provide on-campus housing, which may not be an affordable option, but a more convenient one. Besides, healthcare is a bit expensive in Canada, and hence it is vital that the students should secure Medical insurance while they reach there.

How can ImmiLaw Global help you apply for a Study Visa?

  • We select only the best and reputed school by following your interest and area of study.
  • Following the complete assessment, will check your eligibility against the admission criteria of the preferred institute.
  • Obtaining the admission letter from the academic institution.
  • Provides all assistance in getting education loan and other financial certificates.
  • Apply for Visa on behalf of the applicant.
  • Provide pre-departure counselling and post-arrival services.

If you are planning to take admission in a reputed university in Canada or you need visa assistance, please fill up the free online assessment form or may directly call ImmiLaw Global’s expert overseas education consultants in Kerala on Phone- 0484-4876164, 9072322322 Or email your queries and concerns at info@immilawglobal.com

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