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Federal Skilled Worker Program

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Federal Skilled Worker Program

FSWP:Who is it for ?

Federal skilled worker program is one of the popular Immigration programs to provide permanent settlement option for people, based on their education, work experience and language proficiency. However, skilled workers who wish to live in Quebec should apply under a different program, known as Quebec-selected skilled workers. The team ImmiLaw is updated on the current scenario can help you to wade through a hassle-free Immigration process and will manage to make you attain permanent residence in Canada through a Federal Skilled Worker Program efficiently.

How long does it take to process your visa application?

Processing time for the Federal Skilled Worker program is purely based on an applicant’s ability to become economically established upon immigration to Canada and most of the completed applications are processed within six months.

Mandatory requirements for FSW

  • Work experience is a necessary requirement for a Skilled Worker applicant. – Should hold a minimum one year, of uninterrupted full time or equivalent experience (skill level O, A or B) in the last ten years. Accumulated part-time work experience is also acceptable.
  • Should pass the language ability exam for one of Canada’s two official languages – English and French. The applicants need to submit approved language tests to the visa office.
  • The applicant needs to take a point-based test, and if s/he earns 67 points or higher, out of 100, they/he may qualify to immigrate to Canada. However, 67 point pass mark is determined mainly on the basis of six factors and they are as follows: Selection OptionsEducation: Depending on the academic qualifications, the candidates can earn a maximum of 25 points for their education.Language Proficiency: The applicants who are proficient in one of Canada’s official languages, English or French (28 points) will have an upper hand in the selection process. The first language will earn you 24 points and the second, 4 points and the applicants should at least a minimum threshold of 16 points. However, proficiency in both English and French is not a requirement for the Federal skilled worker.Age: A maximum of 12 points are allocated to applicants between the ages 18 and 35 years. Applicants who are 36 or older begin to lose points under this category and at the age of 47 and above, no points will be awarded.Work Experience: Applicants are being awarded a maximum of 15 points under this selection factor. Having 6 years or more of continuous or equivalent work experience, in the past 10 years, in a skilled occupation listed on the NOC National Occupational Classification skill level 0, A or B) will earn you full 15 points. Choosing your NOC code for your listed work experience is quite important to make your application a success.

    Arranged Employment: In this category, a maximum of 10 points are allotted for the applicants, who receive an offer of full‐time employment in Canada. Furthermore, the proposed Canadian employer should granted a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment before these points can be awarded.

    Adaptability: The candidate can earn points for adaptability on the basis of your background that Immigration Canada feels will be an asset to your integration into Canadian society. Some selection factors which are taken during consideration of awarding point include a validated offer of employment, previous study experience and a close relative living in Canada. Besides, if you are married and your spouse has knowledge of one of Canada’s official languages can also add points to the application.

    If the applicant is eligible for Federal Skilled Worker Program, then he/she should have to create an online Canada Express Entry profile, which should include your age, work experience, skills, language ability, education qualification and other personal information.

    Once your qualification is confirmed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the applicant’s profile is placed in a slot of candidates which are ranked according to the System. Based on a Comprehensive Ranking System formula, all candidates will be given a score out of 1200.

    Canadian Government conducts regular draws from the pool and applicants with a higher score will get an invitation to apply for the permanent residency. To be precise, higher the score, higher probability to receive the invite.

    The applicant who got the invite has 60 days in hand to submit a complete- error-free application alongside supporting documents. After the submission, the candidate is entrusted with the acknowledgement slip issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), which further examines and assesses an application.

    Admissibility: This is one of the last phases of this Immigration program, and this phase determines whether the applicant is admissible to Canada. This constitutes a medical and security check.

    Finally, your application will be assessed by the Canadian Immigration Visa Office. After the thorough review, the applicant will be requested to pay the fee and surrender the passport to issue you a Canada Immigration Visa under the Federal Skilled Worker program.

Immilaw Globals Canada immigration consultants/lawyers can assist you

ImmiLaw global is a leading immigration lawyers/consultancy firm which with its experienced staff and immigration specialists, assist you to complete the Canadian Immigration process in a hassle-free and efficient manner. Our firm not only promises you the best visa processing experience but guide you through each and every phase- from initial documentation till the time the visa reaches your hand thereby providing a smooth transition to Canada.

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