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Benefits of Canada Immigration 

The benefits of Canada immigration are infinite in number and most of them directly improve the quality of life of the immigrant as well as his family in a number of ways. Major benefits of Canada immigration include free healthcare, education, and life in a pollution-free and safe environment. Here are a few more benefits of Canada immigration explained in detail:

High standards of living

An important benefit of Canada immigration is that the country offers its residents and citizens a high standard of living. The country has been ranked first in the Quality of Life sub-ranking of the 2018 Best Countries rankings. Canada is also ranked 12th in the 2018 Human Development Index (HDI) report of the UN. HDI ranks countries on the basis of a number of factors such as life expectancy, per capita income, life expectancy etc.

Free healthcare

A major benefit of Canada immigration that attracts immigrants from across the globe is the fact that Canadian residents and citizens can enjoy free, state-funded healthcare. It means they need not worry about health-related expenses or eke out huge amounts of money for basic medical treatment.

Clean, safe environment

In Canada, you can live in a calm, safe and pollution-free environment. Crime rates are low and Canadian society is in large, peace-loving, tolerant and open to diversity. This is also one of the major benefits of Canada immigration that attract potential immigrants from across the globe to the country. Most importantly, unlike many other developed countries, Canada has strict gun laws.

Robust economy

Canada economy is growing steadily, ensuring vast career opportunities to immigrants. It is one of the most powerful economies in the world. Canada economy has shown an annual growth rate of 4.3 per cent since mid-2016. In terms of GDP per capita, Canada is in the 20th place among 25 richest countries. The country is also a member of powerful organizations such as NAFTA, G8 and OECD.

Immigration pathways

Canada offers numerous pathways for prospective immigrants to come to the country. The Express Entry system is a fast-track way for economic immigration. Another option is provincial nominee programs, that allow Canadian provinces and territories to nominate candidates with skills and experience their labour markets demand, for permanent residence in Canada. Most of the provincial nominee programs have at least one stream aligned to Express Entry. Canada also has exclusive immigration pathways for entrepreneurs and investors.

Welcoming environment

Canada is a multicultural society and immigrants to the country enjoy a welcoming environment. Around 20 percent of the Canadian population has their origins in foreign lands. All these make Canada an easier place to settle down, which is also one among the benefits of immigrating to Canada.

World class education

Canada offers opportunities for world-class education to its residents. School education is free up to 12th standard, which is a boon to immigrant families with children. Canada also has universities and colleges that always find a place in the lists of the best educational institutions in the world.

Career opportunities

Canada offers vast career opportunities to prospective immigrants. Many provinces and territories of Canada are facing labour shortages owing to an ageing population and a high number of retiring workers. Canada is ranked fourth among 149 nations in Business Environment in the Legatum Global Prosperity Index (2016). It measures the entrepreneurial climate of a country including its business infrastructure, barriers to innovation and labour market flexibility. All these simply mean that there are vast job opportunities for people with different skills and experience in Canada. This can also be counted among the benefits of Canada immigration.

Scenic place

Canada is a place blessed with incredible natural beauty, where some of the world most scenic places are located. These include Niagra Falls in Ontario, River Capilano in British Columbia, and the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec. Another of the major benefits of Canada immigration is that the immigrants can enjoy this natural beauty of Canada.

These are just a few of the benefits of Canada immigration. ImmgiLaw Immigration has already helped so many of its clients to immigrate to Canada, where they are enjoying a comfortable and secured life. By providing guidance and assistance, we make the whole immigration process a smooth affair for our valued clients.

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Benefits of Canada Immigration

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