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Almost all the Canada immigration programs require the candidate to prove their language proficiency in the form of language test results. The version of the test and the scores required are different for different categories of immigration.

As Canada is a bilingual country, a candidate can choose between English or French test to prove their language proficiency. Those who are proficient in both English and French can take both the tests and earn additional points. However, it is not mandatory in any Canadian immigration program to take both English and French tests.

Scores required in language test for Canada immigration

It is difficult to say how much a candidate needs to score in a language test without analyzing their complete profile and other documents. Immigration programs to Canada are point-based and points are awarded on the basis of a number of factors. Language proficiency is just one of these factors. You will not be able to apply for Canada immigration without scoring the minimum required points. The other major factors based on which points are awarded include age, work experience, and education qualification. If you can earn more points in other factors such as education, work experience and age the language score you need to earn will be lower compared to someone who is less qualified than you.

However, it is advisable to give your best when you take the language test and earn maximum points as more points mean higher rank in the selection pool, which naturally increases your chances of being selected.

It is mandatory that all the language test results should not be older than 24 months. The average language test scores are not considered while awarding points. The individual scores in the four categories (listening, writing, reading and speaking) are what really matter.

Though it is not possible to say how many points you would need in language proficiency, some immigration programs require minimum language scores, which are as follows:

Express Entry

The three language tests accepted under Express Entry and minimum requirements are given below:

    1. General IELTS test (English): 6.0 in all 4 categories
    2. General CELPIP test: 4L in all 4 categories
    3. TEF: Test d’évaluation de Français (French):

If you cannot meet the minimum language requirement, you will not be eligible to apply for Canada immigration under these programs. However, scoring the minimum points does not mean that you will be invited to apply for permanent residence in Canada. It simply means that you are eligible to apply for immigration.

Quebec Skilled Worker

Compared to Express Entry, the Quebec Skilled Worker program is more flexible. Though no minimum scores are required, as it is a point-based system, earning more points would increase your chances of being selected.

Quebec accepts IELTS scores as proof of your English language proficiency. If you are a native French speaker, you can submit a TEF or DELF test result. Quebec program the only one that accepts an academic version of IELTS for immigration. But it is advisable to take the General IELTS test, as it is universally acceptable.

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