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What We Offer To Do

Immigration and Study Abroad Services

  • Immigration Legal Consultancy Services
    • Eligibility Assessment
    • Educational Credential Assessment
    • Application Processing
  • Pre-Landing Consultancy Services
  • Post-Landing Settlement Services
  • Study Abroad Consultancy Services
  • Visa Categories
    • Permanent Residence Visa
    • Business Immigration Visa
    • Study Visa
    • Visitor Visa
    • Family Visa / Spousal Visa
    • Work Visa

Our Immigration Consultancy Services Desk assists you in five kinds of visa applications: Permanent residence, Work Permits, student permits, visit visas and Business / Entrepreneur visa.

  • If you have a post-secondary education and work experience in India in a professional/ managerial/ technical/trades occupation? You may be eligible apply for permanent residence under various programs like the Federal Skilled worker/ Skilled Trades Programs and Provincial Nominee Programs.
  • If your spouse is a Canadian permanent resident/citizen, you may be eligible to apply under the Family sponsorship program.
  • If you are under 22 years of age and your parent is a Canadian citizen/permanent resident, you may be eligible to apply under the Family sponsorship program.
  • If you have a friend/relative in Canada, you may be eligible under Provincial nominee programs or Federal Skilled Worker/Trades Program.
  • If you have a job offer from Canada, our Canadian immigration lawyer will process your LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) application either under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), and the other for permanent immigration to Canada through Express Entry. We will also process work permits for your spouse if any.
  • If you have experience in professional/managerial/technical/trades occupation that is in high demand in Canada generally or in a Province or City, we will assist you in finding a Canadian employer and securing a valid job offer.
  • If you’re an entrepreneur confident enough to think about a start-up in Canada, We may be able to help you with processing your Entrepreneur Start-up visa.

Our Study Abroad Consultancy Services Desk assists you on your pathway to permanent residence. Learn to Earn and Stay back to settle down in your dream destination. We help you access a world-class education that leads you to build your career and life in a foreign country. All our study abroad consultants are trained and supervised by Canadian higher Education professionals and Canadian immigration lawyers.

Student’S Pathways To Permanent Residence


  • Finding the best program and college/university that suits your background education, career plan, and academic interest. As representatives of many colleges and universities, we assist you in securing admission to a program of your choice.
  • Our foreign immigration lawyers help you processing your study permit, student work- permit, and work permit for your spouse if any.
  • After successful completion of your studies and graduation, our foreign immigration lawyers will help you processing post-graduate work permits for up to three years.
  • Once you developed the required work experience, our foreign immigration lawyers will assist you with your permanent residence application.

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