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Sponsoring a Spouse or a Child

Are you aware of sponsorship rules in Canada? Do you know how to bring your spouse or child to Canada? Well, ImmiLaw is here to provide all the assistance and guidance for you to bring your family to Canada permanently! Interestingly, Family unification policies hold greater priority in Canada and hence spousal sponsorship is one among the easiest and fastest immigration process.

As the country values family unification, Immigration Canada has made spousal sponsorship one of the fastest routes to Canadian Permanent Residence.

Spouse Sponsorship

This program comes under the family class Immigration. As per this scheme, a Permanent resident or a Canadian citizen may sponsor a spouse or common-law partner. In Canada, marriage between same sex is also recognized. (If the marriage happened in or outside Canada, in a country where marriage between two persons of the same sex is legal) is also been recognized.

Similar to other immigration processes, the applicant has to meet financial requirements, medical and security clearance and also have to submit all supporting documents to ensure that the application has not been rejected at any stage.

Dependent Child Sponsorship

Canada promotes family reunion. This visa program allows the applicant to include your children in the application. For instance, If you have children under the age of 22, you can be easily included them in the visa application. And there is no age limit for those children who have certain health conditions or specially abled. These dependent kids hold the right to live, study and work in Canada.

What makes Immilaw stands out of the rest while filing SPONSORSHIP APPLICATION:

  • The immigration experts at ImmiLaw do a comprehensive assessment of your profile which in turn lessens the risk of making mistakes and thereby reduces the considerable amount of application processing time. In a nutshell, lessen the errors and lower the chances of being called for the interview.
  • We provide proper assistance through each phase of the Immigration process. Our experienced staff will do all the documentation on your behalf and will advise you on each phase, on what to do next.
  • We never encourage a business-client relationship with you, but more an amicable one. For instance, we never conceal any kind of hidden charge or any kind of happenings from you. We maintain a constant contact with you via phone calls, emails and will update you with the ongoing procedure.
  • Our experts can be in touch with the visa office at regular intervals to oversee the entire application processing so that you can rest assured that we take care of all the necessities.
  • If you are joining hands with ImmiLaw, all that we can ensure is a stress-free immigration process. In fact, we believe that each of our clients is our responsibility and we will go great lengths to ensure that all the success is conferred upon you.

All that you need to do is to fill an online assessment form to receive the call back from the immiLaw visa and immigration experts.

Contact our Canada Immigration Consultants for Sponsoring Spouse/Child

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