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Why choose us

India is the largest global immigration and labor market where immigration applicants fall prey to Visa/Immigration fraud. Most applicants in India have only limited or no access to licensed foreign immigration lawyers. Most of the immigration services are provided in India either by unauthorized consultants having no required education or training.

Consulting or seeking assistance from unauthorized consultants attract visa rejection and a five-year immigration bar. The new Express entry scheme in Canada has resulted in a flare-up of sophisticated immigration scams and Job offer scams. You may receive false job offer calls from foreign phone numbers as part of overseas scams.

Why Choose usAvailing the services of unauthorized consultants is a deadly sin for your express entry or permanent residence application. Many applicants who filed their applications or submitted their profile through unauthorized and untrained consultants have visited our office to consult foreign immigration lawyers to discuss possible remedies.

Consulting an unauthorized or untrained consultant may result in visa refusal and even a five years ban because of inaccurate application filing, documentation, misrepresentation on the part of your consultant. Immigration authorities in various countries have become increasingly aggressive to bust unauthorized immigration consultants and possible misrepresentation and fraud.
Mushrooming of unlicensed immigration consultants is the greatest threat to potential immigrants from India. It is unfortunate that many unlicensed immigration consultants have their own offices and websites in Kerala. As a prudent customer, you need to make sure that your consultant is licensed. Many online tools are available to check it. If you doubt your job offer is a scam or consultant is unauthorized, give us a call. We may be able to help you to get past these tough situations.


  • Immigration to a foreign country is a road less traveled! You need assistance and preparation.
  • Poor or insufficient legal representation is the first reason for visa rejection.
  • Choosing the best lawyer is the first step towards achieving your goal.
  • Immigration law is a more intricate body of rules of regulations than it appears to a layperson. Immigration law and procedure is highly specialized. Sometimes you may need to apply for an “application for leave and judicial review.” You need the assistance of a foreign immigration lawyer to help you with your application.
  • Whenever an immigration officer refuses your student/work/permanent residence visas, you need an immigration lawyer’s professional help.
  • While appealing your immigration case to the Federal Court, only an immigration lawyer can represent you.
  • Immigration lawyers know very well the immigration program that suits you well. They Can Explain Your Options to You.
  • The immigration paperwork is extensive and complicated. You may make fatal errors that sink your entire application. A good lawyer can help you avoid errors.
  • Immigration lawyers know the reasons your visa application get refused. They know very well what to do when your visa application is refused.
  • Immigration lawyers know very well how to address a problem with your documents or personal circumstances.


  • The conduct and practice of foreign lawyers are regulated and monitored by professional bodies like law societies in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, etc. Client fees are held in a separate trust account monitored by law societies.
  • Engaging a lawyer would definitely improve the chances that your case will succeed. The Canadian Government acknowledges this: “When lawyers present their clients’ cases in a clear and concise manner, processing is expedited and simplified.”

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